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In searching for the complete business solution among the growing mass of technology and information systems, companies can tackle the associated challenges alone, or enlist the help of an experienced partner.  Trace Cyber Solutions (TCS) has helped organizations discover, design, and implement technology solutions with real business impact. Quite simply, TCS enables customers to become more efficient and effective in today’s competitive land scape.  

Trace Cyber Solutions, LLC is an end-to-end cyber security consulting and solutions firm providing managed security services to organizations across all industries, protecting them against Internet-based threats to their technologies and businesses. Headquartered in Rochester, New York with locations in Buffalo, Leroy and  Painted Post, New York, Trace Cyber Solutions delivers a comprehensive set of security tools — comprising the full spectrum of consulting services, including security assessments, security consulting, security awareness training, policy and procedure consulting, project management — along with the industry-leading capabilities of its seasoned team of certified security engineers.

Trace Cyber Solutions Services, At-a-glance 

Information Security Consulting 

Trace Cyber Solutions (TCS) provides the expertise and analysis to help our customers improve security, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiencies. Our certified professionals will identify and help mitigate vulnerabilities that are critical to your business operations and provide the tools and expertise to shift your security posture from reactive to proactive. We provide risk assessments, compliance gap analysis, remediation plans, policy review or development, user awareness training, as well as other information security related services. 
TCS external and internal IT security assessment solutions use a top-down, risk-based approach. Our gap analysis shows you where you are, then how to get to where you want to be. Our assessment services provide you with an integrated evaluation of how various components of information security program work together and assist in determining if they provide the level of security that you expect. Our experts assess your policies, processes, and technologies to identify weaknesses, categorize risks, and recommend improvements.
Our service helps fortify your environment and improve compliance with industry regulations by providing a comprehensive assessment of each important aspect of your security program including:
  • Internal and external controls
  • Physical security
  • Policies & procedures
  • Gaps vs. regulations and best practices
  • Vulnerabilities & threats

Security Awareness Training

From end users to technical staff, each member of an organization is vital to the success of preserving sensitive information. Trace Cyber Security Awareness training courses provide content designed to meet the security standards required of each position in your organization. Role-based training will equip your entire team with the information they need to know to keep your network secure. TCS’ Role-Based Security Awareness training courses incorporates techniques grounded in behavioral science methodology. Each course is carefully aligned with NIST standards, and caters to each user while addressing their specific role within your organization.

End User Awareness

Every user provides an access point to the network. Be it the secretary in the front office or the marketing executive working from home, each employee must know the precautions to take for protecting their organization’s informational assets.
Topics of focus include:
  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Security While Working Remotely
  • Staying Secure Online

Policy and Procedure Consulting

The foundations to any information security program include policy, procedure, standards, guidelines, and information classification. Whether you have a mature information security program or none at all, TCS has the knowledge and experience to help you address your needs. TCS can help you build your security program from the beginning or provide additional resources for a specific project.

Security Gap Assessments and Audits

Your information security policies will define your organization's information security goals. In a changing environment, businesses have rapidly changing information security needs. Staying current and keeping up with modern threats and information security issues is a full-time job; regular policy review with expert consultants will allow you to keep ahead of changes in the information landscape and address areas of concern before they become significant problems.
Every organization is different so every organization will have different goals and requirements for an information security policy. Our engineers will assist you in building a policy that meets the goals and needs of your organization, and will provide your organization's administration with the tools and knowledge to help combat emergent security threats and protect your company's most important assets.

Project Management Services

Most organizations have come to believe that IT projects come in late and over-budget. At Trace Cyber Solutions (TCS), your projects will be properly managed, with a set of professional standards that are developed by our team collaborating with your key project stakeholders. Whether it is a relatively simply equipment installation or highly complex security application, its ultimate success lies in the project management process. Our dedicated project management staff includes a full range of professionals—from scheduling coordinators to highly skilled, certified professional project management consultants. 

An end-to-end cyber security consulting and solutions firm that  provides your business with the right approach to information security and business strategy safeguards.