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Security Awareness Training

From end users to technical staff, each member of an organization is vital to the success of preserving sensitive information. Trace Cyber Security Awareness training courses provide content designed to meet the security standards required of each position in your organization. Role-based training will equip your entire team with the information they need to know to keep your network secure.

Role-Based Awareness

Role-Based Awareness Training from TCS takes your annual security training and turns it into a customizable platform, which is specific to the user, specific to their position, and specific to the overall goal within your organization from a standpoint.

Designed to target the following key roles within your organization:

  • C-level business executives
  • CIOs and IT executives
  • IT Program & Project Managers
  • Security Program & Project Managers
  • Administrative Account Holders
  • IT Operations
  • Auditors

End User Awareness

Every user provides an access point to the network. Be it the secretary in the front office or the marketing executive working from home, each employee must know the precautions to take for protecting their organization’s informational assets.

Topics of focus include:

  • Social Engineering
  • Phishing
  • Security While Working Remotely
  • Staying Secure Online
  • Use and Abuse of Email
  • and many more...


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