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Secure System Design

In today’s digital economy, success depends on organizational ability to transition from brick and mortar enterprises to e-businesses. Transparent online supply chains link offices, employees, customers, partners and suppliers through new, innovative and quickly evolving business models.

This massive shift to e-business demands more protection of vital information assets and the systems that manage them. Protect the Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality of your business information and systems. Don’t, and your customers go elsewhere.

TCS will leverage leading products and techniques to tailor a secure solution to meet your business needs, allow future growth and endure the safest possible information exchange without degrading the operability of your current system.

Information security is much like physical security. Imagine your family is leaving on vacation. Turn off the lights, lock the doors and turn on the alarm. But what if the alarm isn’t connected to the upstairs window? If a burglar has a ladder, you might as well not have spent that money on your security system. Your personal assets are gone.

A surprising number of businesses face the same growing challenge to their mission-critical online business assets. Information systems are the universal backbone for today’s networked economy. And yet, very few organizations have an adequate system in place to protecting electronic property against every-growing and increasing sophisticated attacks and malicious misuse.

One common premise is that information is safe as long as the bad-guys are kept outside the network perimeter. While perimeter security is important, it is no silver bullet. It also provides no defense against internal theft or active attacks such as denial of service subversions intended not to steal information, but to disable systems for extended periods of time. 

Information security risk needs to be managed not just at the perimeter, but across every device, system, database and application it touches, just like physical risk in the physical world. Concentrate resources where they are needed most. Extend accountability throughout the organization. Implement security solutions that quickly and easily adapt and respond to changing business needs. Most importantly, use security to drive the return on online investments through the knowledge that you understand the risks to your business data, and have the policies and technologies in place to successfully manage the network security process.

It sounds simply in principle. But it takes a trusted security advisor to make it happen.

With the continued growth and emergence of large-scale internet connectivity such as the Internet of things, E-Commerce, BYOD, and other related offerings, enhanced network security must become an integral component in every organization’s strategic plan. Trace Cyber Solutions (TCS) network security services support the risk management process from initial discovery through maintenance of policies and procedures. Services include: Perimeter Assessment, Comprehensive Security Assessment and Policy Development. 


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