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Project Management

Most organizations have come to believe that IT projects come in late and over budget. At Trace Cyber Solutions (TCS), your projects will be properly managed, with a set of professional standards that are developed by our team collaborating with your key project stakeholders. Whether it is a relatively simple equipment installation or highly complex security application, its ultimate success lies in the project management process. Our dedicated project management staff includes a full range of professionals—from scheduling coordinators to highly skilled, certified professional project management consultants. 

Trace Cyber Solutions’ core methodology framework builds on industry best practices as outlined below. Using a series of steps that incorporate strong project management principles throughout the project life cycle assures that your project will come in on-time and within budget. 

A framework of this nature is only as good as the discipline and processes of the joint TCS/client team. At TCS our project management professionals bring to the table a wealth of knowledge of both technical and business processes. We do more than just produce charts, graphs and status reports; project management begins with clear honest communication between TCS and its clients. 

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