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Information Security Consulting

Trace Cyber Solutions’ Assessments begin with a scope of work customized to your system features and security needs. Network security is then evaluated using one of the following methods:

Non-Intrusive: TCS performs scheduled and selective probes of your network’s communication services, operating systems, key applications, and intelligent infrastructure assets. The probes search for vulnerabilities most often used by unscrupulous parties to probe, investigate and attach your network. The assessment team then analyzes your conditions and provides a series of recommendations, including:

  • Corrective Actions
  • Trend Analysis
  • Configuration Reports

The deliverable outlines these vulnerabilities only from an external perspective, and requires no direct manipulation of network assets.

Intrusive: TCS performs all the work associated with the Non-Intrusive evaluation, and also examines specific operating system vulnerabilities such as file system access levels, account configuration, etc. The intrusive Assessment outlines your vulnerabilities from  an internal and external perspective. Some system services may be interrupted because direct manipulation of network assets is required to provide the best overview and evaluation.

This comprehensive Security Assessment tests your current implementation of information security against today’s treats based on industry standard frameworks, practices, current threat data and proven solutions.


Security Health Check

As a supplement to TCS information Security Assessment Service, we provide periodic security health check services. These services are geared toward revalidating; adjusting or augmenting established security policies/mechanisms to ensure the most current level of information protection. This service is conducted on a subscription basis and does not preclude the need for a through information Security Assessment.


Security Policy Development

How does an IT professional stay ahead of the “bad-guys” while letting the “good-guys” do their work? A properly formulated security policy. The policy defines the business-to-business relationships, employee-to-business relationships, and the contexts in which these are acceptable. The product of this effort is a “living” document that addresses your changing business needs while maintaining a focus on security.


Security Assessment Solutions

Perimeter Security Scan

The Perimeter Scan focuses on determining an organization’s risk level at external connectivity points such as the internet or those created by mergers, acquisitions, and inter-corporate collaboration including subcontractors and vendor participation. This low-cost/high-impact study will allow you to quickly quantify your risk from unauthorized intrusion.


Network Security Assessment

This assessment builds on the Perimeter Security Assessment by further investigating internal systems. This service focuses on determining the degree of vulnerability to which your corporate assets are exposed to tampering, destruction, theft or misuse. The assessment establishes the current network security baseline and provides the most appropriate path for any corrective measures that may be needed. Based upon the findings and the recommended course of action, TCS develops a customized strategy with you to defeat any known unauthorized internal or external intrusion threats.

The assessment team analyses your vulnerability conditions and provides a series of corrective action reports and data sets. Based on these actions, the TCS/client team can jointly develop a custom strategy to defeat any known unauthorized intrusion threats. Re-mediation is not included as part of this service.

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